Billy and Frida
Billy and Frida
Added on 11 May 2017
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Billy and Frida scheduled their very first meeting with me. the two hour long meeting session started even before i could ask my very first question. “We are not really looking for those very playful kinda pictures bert. We want the photos to have more feelings, more elegance and simplicity”
Hearing those words couldn’t make me happier because simply that’s what I’ve always hoped to shoot. Though, I believe that most of my current portfolio shows a very playful set of photographs, striped it off and I believe you can see just those things. Feelings and simplicity.
As geeky as these couples are, Billy graduated in System Informations and Frida graduated with a double degree in Information Technology and Statistics, this Indoor Session with them ain’t anything like that. I seek elegance and simplicity. Because, when asked to describe themselves, these are what they have to say:
Billy – straight forward and spontaneous while Frida can be moody and shy.
I concluded that being geeky is just something that is just a part of them and not what they really are. Simply because they are a direct opposite of each other. Billy don’t plan while Frida will plan to the utmost of details. They fill each other up, they have more feelings than just being geeky.
In a sentence to describe their love from the experience I had with them, it’ll have to be this:
“Billy loves her smartness, her attention to detail while Frida feels Billy never fails to bring out the fun side of her”.

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